M bus 2-channel pulse counter

Best.-Nr. 020.11235

Adaptation module of consumption indicator (current, gas, water meter) to a MBUS system.
The BG-COM-MBUS PULSE COUNTER M2C is a 2-channel M-bus pulse adapter for connecting up to 2 consumption counters provided with pulse output. As an alternative, the M2C can be used as tariff counter with a 230VAC tariff-conversion signal.
The measurement instruments to be adapted must be equipped with a potential-free pulse output. Up to two impulse transmitters can be connected at the same time to the ports of the pulse counter. As an alternative, the pulse adapter can also be operated in the tariff mode. This requires connecting a potential-free tariff-converting signal to the port. If a voltage signal is available as tariff converter, a special, galvanically separated input of the pulse counter will be used. This enables the direct use of the 230-V alternating-current signal from an omnidirectional control receiver of the energy supplier.

* Two separated pulse inputs (for reed contacts, optocoupler,…)
* Safe detection of up to 15 pulses per second on each input
* Anti-vibration pulse
* Freely selectable pulse valence
* Free choice of units (e.g. Wh, kWh, MWh, kJ, m3, 1,…)
* Counter length: 8 decimal digits
* Integrated real-time clock for automatic reading relating to the qualifying date
* Variable M-bus protocol acc. to EN1434-3
* Primary and secondary addressing
* Complete parametering via M bus with safety options
* Baud rates: 300 and 2400 baud with auto-baud detection
* Battery backup during M-bus failure with full counting function
* Reduced height of securing automatons
W x H x D: 93 x 51 x 58 mm
* Cap rail

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