Contact sensor 15x20mm

Best.-Nr. 010.7986

Surface sensors are the ideal solution for the HVAC sector and allow cost-effective measurement of the temperature in the range of -30 … + 180 ° C. The contact sensors are as
Pipe contact resistance thermometer suitable for fastening to the pipe or fixed surfaces using the tensioning strap supplied. The temperature is recorded via the contact area on the underside of the sensor.
The connection line is 2 meters for standard items

Typical applications:
– Building automation
– storage rooms
– air conditioning and ventilation systems
– heating control

Technical specifications:
Temperature sensors: Please take from the table
Measuring range: -30 … + 180 ° C
Temperature range: At NTC Tmax = 150 ° C and Tmax LM235Z = 125 ° C
Measuring current: approx. 1 mA
Insulation resistance: At 20 ° C and 500V DC, typically 100 MOhm
Connection cable: 2m pvc cable (ends free)
Connection type: 2-wire connection
Degree of protection: IP54
Storage temperature: -30 … + 50 ° C
Operating temperature: -30 … + 100 ° C
Special versions: surcharges on request

Scope of delivery: clip-on sensor and fastening set (strap and thermal grease)

Dimensions (HxWxD):
Contact sensor: 2000x15x20
Fixing set: 85x60x20

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